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Program Chair David Bergner, PhD.

Elevate your career with a Sofia University MBA. Students at Sofia build a balance of high-level business acumen, superior decision-making capability, and the interpersonal skills employers seek in order to lead enterprise teams into the new age. Attend on-site, online or both. With flexibility as well as evening & weekend classes, our MBA is well-suited to working professionals.

A recent poll by the Graduate Management Admissions Council reported that 98% of employers believe that business school graduates must utilize a combination of interpersonal skills and data analysis in order to be successful in any professional setting. These statistics imply that business school graduates must excel in both areas. Such reports emphasize the balance of skills and knowledge required for those entering the modern work force. At Sofia, MBA students are prepared to sharpen their analytical talents and critically assess qualitative and quantitative information.

Centered in the heart of Silicon Valley and connected worldwide, this program is designed to provide a transformational learning experience that will give students a powerful new perspective on business administration. Sofia’s MBA is built on three pillars:

  • Solid knowledge of business management fundamentals
  • Data-driven decision-making in organizational settings
  • Exceptional interpersonal skills

The three pillars are woven into courses throughout the curriculum, underpinned by a solid foundation of self-knowledge, value clarity, and authenticity. This balance of business acumen, data driven decision-making, and interpersonal depth is designed to give professionals a sustainable advantage in an intensely competitive business environment. These essential resources will strengthen one’s ability to drive value-creation at any level in an organization.

University faculty include seasoned technologists, entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists who are committed to helping students reach the leading edge in their chosen specialty. Sofia’s rigorous course of study incorporates the unique Sofia pillars, traditional core business courses, as well as additional courses and project work in one of the following concentrations:

  • Business Analytics & Data-Driven Decision Making
  • Management of Technology and Innovation
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Global Business Leadership
  • Marketing Management
  • Human Resource Management


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The Sofia Core (9 Units)

The Sofia Core is designed to provide a transformational learning experience that will give you a powerful new perspective on business administration. You will acquire foundational knowledge of transpersonal psychology, as well as the science of positive psychology, happiness, and well-being. You will learn to apply strategies to enhance team and organizational performance, to foster deeper engagement, motivation and commitment, and to combat dysfunctional conflict and stress in your life and in your organization. In addition, core courses provide a solid foundation in decision-making, integrating knowledge from quantitative, behavioral, interpersonal, transpersonal, and organizational perspectives. These essential resources will strengthen your ability to drive value-creation at any level in an organization.

  • MBA 3000 – Personality and Motivation
  • MBA 3001 – Positive Psychology for Business
  • MBA 3015 – Decision Science 1

Business Core (24 Units)

Sofia’s Business Core, taught by seasoned faculty, provides solid knowledge of business fundamentals.

  • MBA 4010 – Accounting
  • MBA 4020 – Finance
  • MBA 4030 – Economics
  • MBA 4040 – Data Analysis in Business
  • MBA 4050 – Operations
  • MBA 4060 – Business Law and Ethics
  • MBA 4070 – Strategy
  • MBA 4080 – Marketing

Electives and Cornerstone Projects (15 Units)
You may come to Sofia already with a mission, perhaps an entrepreneurial spirit and the intention to start a company, or a project you are accomplishing for your current employer, or you may be at a transition point in your life, seeking a change. In any case, you will undertake projects during the program to lay a foundation for your work following graduation.

You will complete your program by focusing your studies with an approved set of electives and cornerstone projects. Cornerstone projects are a key aspect of the Sofia difference. Many business programs have capstone projects, final projects in which students demonstrate and apply the knowledge and theory they have gained in their program. If completed at the end of the program, cornerstone projects can fill the role of a traditional capstone project.

However, cornerstone projects are designed to help you lay a foundation for future growth as you learn, and may be approved at any point in your program. Projects can be undertaken by individuals or teams, and might include, for example: presenting a business plan to a venture fund manager, completing projects for your current employer, cultivating clients to establish a consulting/coaching practice, or building a project portfolio to demonstrate your acquired analytical skills.


  • MBA 5000 – Cornerstone Projects
  • MBA 5001 – Organizational Behavior and Wellbeing
  • MBA 5015 – Decision Science 2
  • MBA 5071 – Value Elicitation and Modeling Workshop
  • MBA 5080 – Advanced Topics in Marketing
  • MBA 5081 – Authentic Marketing Workshop
  • MBA 5085 – Marketing Research
  • MBA 5086 – International Marketing
  • MBA 5100 – Foundations of Entrepreneurship
  • MBA 5101 – Social Entrepreneurship
  • MBA 5102 – Technology Entrepreneurship
  • MBA 5120 – Financing New Ventures
  • MBA 5121 – Venture Capital Funding Principles
  • MBA 5200 – Management of Technology and Innovation
  • MBA 5201 – Program and Project Management
  • MBA 5202 – Managing Creativity and Innovation
  • MBA 5205 – Managing Teams
  • MBA 5300 – Organizational Leadership and Management
  • MBA 5400 – International Business
  • MBA 5401 – International Finance
  • MBA 5402 – Global Business Strategy
  • MBA 5600 – Advanced Data Analysis
  • MBA 5601 – Introduction to Business Analytic Programming
  • MBA 5602 – Data Visualization

* Note: Courses are subject to change and availability in a given quarter is not guaranteed.

Program Completion Options
You will have flexibility as to how you schedule 48 quarter units of coursework, and you can take up to 6 years to finish.

WAIVERS: The program will issue waivers on a course-by-course basis, based on an examination and other criteria, if courses have been completed within the past 6 years. An exceptional student who has waived courses in business fundamentals, and completes more than 9 units per quarter, could finish in 1 year. All concentrations will require a comprehensive exam on core learning, and an oral examination/presentation of a project.

A student who has earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration within the past six years from an accredited college or university may be able to have some of the Business Fundamentals courses waived based on an examination. The program will also issue waivers on a course-by-course basis if courses have been completed within the past six years. Each equivalency is determined by course content, grade received (B+ or higher), and the amount of time elapsed (six years or less) since the course was completed. Students also may have an option to take a third party administered exam to demonstrate equivalency.

ONLINE/ONSITE: All courses will be offered online, on-campus, or hybrid. On-Campus classes will be scheduled for evenings and weekends to accommodate working professionals. On-campus events, workshops and intensives, and study abroad opportunities will be offered.

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